What other fees can I expect?

In addition to your PipeFlow360 monthly subscription, you will be billed for your texts, emails, and phone calls.  These charges are paid directly to Twilio (text & calls) and Mailgun (email).  Text messages under 160 characters start at a tenth of a cent each.  Our Yext Business Listing Service, a great SEO-boosting tool, that allows you to list and manage your business information in over 70 popular local services listings with one easy-to-use interface costs an additional $99/month. Lastly, we offer a full-range of platform and agency services ranging from account setup & data migration to a full suite of creative and marketing services.  Have more questions? Call us at (559) 245-5456.

Rates as of May 1, 2023*

  • Outbound Calls (U.S.) $ 0.028 / min ($10 = approx 355 calls)
  • Inbound Calls (U.S.) $ 0.017 / min ($10 = approx 590 calls)
  • SMS – $ 0.0158 / segment ($10 = approx 635 segments)
  • Email – $0.00135/ email ($10 = approx 7,405 emails)

*Rates are based on carrier rates and are subject to change at any time.